Our Difference & Results

Forgione Tutoring is a locally-owned and operated learning center dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We pride ourselves the relationships we’ve built with local public and private schools, and we desire to serve the needs of Wake County students. Heather and her staff are dedicated to being a partner with your student and your family through the testing and college application process, offering understanding and advice through a sometimes stressful and overwhelming experience.

Our Materials

We use only real SATs and ACTs for practice tests. It is much more effective to use real test questions.

Students benefit from Heather’s own strategy guides, developed over 14 years of tutoring. They also contain the insights Heather and her tutors have gained from taking the SAT and ACT frequently.

Our Results

SAT Results

From the inception of Forgione Tutoring, we have kept detailed records of our students’ score gains. According to this data, our students have had an average increase of 160-180 points (out of 2400) by completing an average of 15-20 hours of tutoring. Most of these students were preparing for all three sections of the SAT (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing).

Therefore, if you chose our discounted package of 20 hrs of private tutoring, you are likely to reach your goals. See more information about our discounted package by clicking here.

ACT Results

On average, our students see a 2 point increase in their composite ACT score (out of 36 points) with 13 hours of tutoring. This is roughly equivalent to an increase of 80 points on the SAT. Some students have seen as much as a 4 or 5 point increase.

Our Commitment

We are proud of our services and feel very confident that we are offering quality tutoring. In the high pressure atmosphere of test taking, there are many factors that can influence a student’s performance, however. If a student does not see the typical increase, we offer free private lessons and complete a thorough analysis of the student’s work to determine specific areas of improvement.