Hi Heather & Maureen, I wanted to share the great news about Abby’s latest SAT results. She began last year with a 1250 and her new score blew us away! She got a 1340!!!!! We are beyond thrilled, and Abby is still smiling. (As are we!) Thank you for helping her aim and achieve beyond what she thought she was capable.

Kristen Ralph, parent of a Broughton High School Student

Thank you so much for all of your help the past six months. You helped us through some tough months! Please feel free to use us as a reference. We have been so happy with your services and individual attention. Have a wonderful summer!

 Sarah Nau, parent of a St. David’s School student
I cannot thank you enough for all the nurturing, guidance, and confidence  you have given Tate this year.  Like I have said before, she truly has never one time complained about attending a session with you.  I am so grateful for the connection you so effortlessly made with her.  Tate wants to succeed and is not afraid to work hard and push herself but that does not mean she does not complain if she dreads something. You should be proud you passed the teenager complaining test with flying colors. Thank you so much for all you have done!!
Molly Russell, parent of a Ravenscroft student
Noah met with his college counselor at RCHS, and they decided he does not need to retake!  We really appreciate all your support and flexibility in scheduling with Noah during this process. Clearly it was very beneficial for Noah to work with you. We will be calling on you in the future when it is Noah’s brother’s “turn”:) Thanks Again!

Stacia Ontjes, mother of a Raleigh Charter High School student

As an owner of a small service-oriented business myself, I thought I should share my thoughts with you! As a busy parent of 2 high school girls, trying to stay on top of everything, including the details of crazy junior year and this testing mystery …. I SO appreciate your organization, guidance, quick responses, tutoring reminders, session progress notes, and suggestions. It takes away a huge amount of stress knowing that we have your help through this important process. I thank you, Dana, and Matt!! Margaret Murray has appreciated it, as well.

Carole Hollowell, parent of a St. Mary’s School student
Hi Heather!  Just wanted to share the news.  We got her scores from the March ACT and she scored a 30!!!  Obviously we are elated!  We really appreciate all of your hard work on this!  Take care!

-Mother of a Broughton High School student, class of 2017

Thank you so much Heather. All of the input we’ve received from you and your staff is simply priceless. I know Greg learned a lot through this process, as did we. Thank you for helping us push him to be more accountable and understand how rewarding it is to go the extra mile. Without your input, he may not be taking the extra classes that will look good to prospective colleges, nor might he be putting so much time and effort into his college application essay. He surely wouldn’t know the valuable test taking strategies you all have taught him.  I am happy to recommend your services to others. I’ve copied Toas Glickman (AllWays Up Foundation) so she is in the loop and may recommend your services to others as well. Please forward our thanks to Jesse and Maureen (and anyone else who worked with Greg).

– Tiffany A. Bargeman, parent of a Rolesville High School student

A common phrase around my house for the last two years has been “Let me text Heather and ask.” Whether it was a quickly approaching college essay deadline or a looming SAT date, Heather has been flexible, consistent, and extremely knowledgeable every step of the way. During junior year, we worked on strategies to improve my SAT score. She does a really good job of breaking down the material in a way that was both relatable and interesting, making the seemingly impossible sections accessible. My score went up over 400 points after several months of weekly tutoring, culminating in a score well beyond the goals we had set. We also worked on college essays, and we brainstormed topics that would eventually become first drafts and continued editing from there. She went out of her way to be available when I had an application deadline coming up, even if it meant sending back edits after 10 p.m.! I was fully confident in her judgement and advice, and was thrilled to be accepted to some of my dream schools (Princeton, Georgetown, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Bowdoin, Dartmouth, Cornell, and more!) thanks to her help. It is impossible to place a monetary value on the guidance Heather offered me, but I can confidently say her assistance was well-worth the money.
– Carson Clay, St. Mary’s School student
I wanted to thank you again for all your help with my SAT and ACT scores. Our goal was UNC Chapel Hill, and I received my acceptance about a week ago! I thought I would take some time to thank you again for helping me get into my dream school!
– Gabby Nguyen, student at Heritage High School
Thank you so much for your help in getting Liddy’s SAT scores improved. I think she feels a sense of accomplishment and is pleased with her results. This closes a chapter for us, unless you open an office in Charleston! Thank you again for your help. I will shake my pompoms for your services to anyone any day.
– Garden Blincow, parent of a St. Mary’s School student
I’m excited to share that Drew was accepted by his first choice college! We are so grateful for the professional and kind tutoring from your team. Your team recognized and treated Drew as an individual, honed in on his specific needs, worked with his personality and gave him the tools to do his very best. Just yesterday Drew was telling me about a test that he had taken and offered up that he uses some of the techniques that his tutor had given him on test taking. His grades as a Junior and now as a Senior have skyrocketed compared to his Sophomore year (ie before Forgione Tutoring!). He earned an A+ in pre-calc and has an A+ this year in calculus. Your teachings helped him well beyond the standardized test process!!
– Suzanne Griffin, parent of a Cardinal Gibbons student
We can’t thank you enough for your help. It has been such a pleasure watching how you work with Rebecca and making sure she doesn’t ‘settle’ on her submissions. I am telling everyone I can about your services and am thrilled to see you expanding your practice. I wish you an abundance of success! Bless you!
– Jane Wiley, mother of a Cardinal Gibbons student
I feel blessed to have found Heather to tutor our two children. She has been invaluable in their preparations for the SAT, ACT, and college essays. Both children connected with her immediately and found her guidance and strategies extremely helpful. She provided mock exams for the test. Heather’s enthusiasm is catching and she has a genuine interest in each child. She wants each one to maximize his/her potential. I highly recommend Heather and would be happy to speak with anyone considering her service.
– Nancy O’Connell, parent of Cardinal Gibbons students
Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 5 months. You are excellent at what you do! Combined with Lindsay’s hard work, it was a great combination! THANK YOU.
– Anne Thompson, parent of a St. David’s student
We decided to use Heather Forgione’s tutoring services to help our son raise his ACT score. His original composite score was a 29 and he wanted to raise it to a 32. Heather felt if he worked hard, he could raise his score to 31 or 32. We are proud to say with her tutoring, our son raised his ACT composite to a 33! She was great to work with, very accommodating and our son really enjoyed his time with her each week. We would highly, highly recommend her to others. If the student is willing to do the work, her approach and style can be very effective.
– Parent of a South Granville High School student
Heather Forgione worked with our daughter, Emily, in 2011 in preparation for ACT testing. Emily is dyslexic and therefore finds standardized tests very challenging. Heather’s knowledge of both the SAT and ACT tests and scoring systems was very valuable in helping Emily get accommodations for both tests and then decide which test would be best for her. Not only did Heather work with Emily on the usual test taking strategies and practice exams but she worked hard to understand Emily’s strengths and weaknesses and adapted her tutoring to Emily’s specific needs and accommodations. Heather’s support contributed to Emily’s confidence in taking the exam which resulted in a strong score and Emily has been accepted to the University and Program that was her first choice. We would recommend Heather not just for her general program but for her patience, flexibility, and genuine concern for the individual student.
– Jim and Meg Bosak, parents of an Enloe High School student
Heather Forgione tutored our son Joshua in preparation for the Reading SAT in 2012. Due to time constraints, we had requested fewer (but extended) sessions and Heather was very accommodating and kept the sessions lively and interesting to keep his focus over longer periods of time. She is very knowledgeable and proficient in all the English skills required for the tests and is an excellent teacher with the ability to change and adapt her methods to suit the child’s needs. We also appreciated that fact that she took the time and effort to give us an accurate and honest opinion of his progress. She also provided general test tips and a “Checklist” for Joshua before his test that helped tremendously. As a result of her coaching sessions he scored 740 on the Critical Reading. Thanks to her, not only has Joshua’s self-confidence improved but he has also improved his chances of getting into a college of his choice. We certainly recommend her as a tutor.
– Joe George, parent of an East Chapel Hill High School student
My daughter Morgan began SAT tutoring with Heather during the summer of 2011 just before her junior year. We have been thrilled with her progress and she has achieved her goal of 2150 on the 3 sections after taking the exam twice. Heather is not only very knowledgeable but relates so well to teenagers and I would highly recommend her services. Heather keeps a very flexible schedule and is great at offering targeted strategies for improving scores. I am happy to speak personally to anyone considering using Heather’s services!

– Debbie Schultz, parent of a Wakefield High School student

We are very pleased how Heather helped Rebecca increase her test scores dramatically. Rebecca has always been a good student, works hard, and gets good grades. However, she never did as well on standardized testing as her grades would indicate she should. She would never have gotten into Princeton and Yale with her baseline SAT/ACT grades. I believe that a combination of the repetition, helpful hints in test taking, and personalized attention helped her tremendously. I believe it also helped her confidence in that “we” were trying to give her the best opportunity we could. It is well worth the investment.
– Dr. Michelle Dresner
Allie went up 6 points on her ACT. We attribute her success to your expert tutoring!
– Ellen Bloom
Heather was the kind of tutor a parent was glad to see. She had a calming effect on everyone’s nerves, soothing the anxiety about preparing for the standardized tests. Yet she sharpened and honed the kids’ skills like a master and positively improved their scores. She has a knack for finding the weaker spots and building them up. This is good for coursework and APs as well!

– Dr. Steve & Deena Borzak, parents of Ilana, Shira (National Merit Finalist), and LeeLee Borzak

Heather Forgione was a tutor for our son Alexander in 2008. Thanks to her efforts his ACT scores rose from a 28 to a 31 and he was accepted into the Honors College at George Washington University, which was his first choice. She was also very helpful with his college essays. Heather is proficient in all the English and Mathematics skills needed to excel in standardized testing. We were very impressed that she takes the exams herself to be sure she is on top of her subjects. Not only is Heather always extremely well prepared, prompt and efficient with her tutoring time, she made it fun for Alexander and has a way about her that is both encouraging, yet still demanding. I am only sorry that she is not living in the area so that we can employ her when our daughter is ready for help. I would be delighted to speak to anyone in person who has further questions.
– Lesley Zafran
We used Heather Forgione to tutor my son for his SAT exam. Heather was well prepared and knowledgeable in all aspects of the SAT exam. She not only taught my son important reading, writing and math rules, she also showed him many tricks that helped in finding the correct answers. She also informed him of many test taking tips that would earn him extra needed points. Heather’s style of instruction was lively and engaging, keeping my son interested in everything she taught. She worked the full hour plus would stay extra to complete any started section or to talk to me about my son’s progress. I was happy when my son went to take the SAT exam and felt well prepared; and I was thrilled when we received his scores and they went up over 100 points on each section. I highly recommend Heather Forgione for anyone taking the SAT exam and wants to improve their score!
– Susan and Warren Tessler
Heather first started helping our family when my oldest daughter was preparing to take her SATs, and we immediately loved her. She was so helpful, giving her tips and expanding her knowledge in the subjects related to the ACTs and helped her go up 3 points. She then helped my other daughter, who had taken the SAT previously, but was unhappy with her grade. After just a few months with Heather she raised her score, making her and my other daughter eligible to go to the college of their choice. However, Heather’s involvement with my family did not end there. When my daughter needed help with an essay for a scholarship, Heather immediately offered to help, and constantly e-mailed my daughter back and forth, and even offered to have a phone conversation, despite the fact that there was a six hour time difference. Discovering Heather was the best thing for my daughters, and I have recommended her to many of my friends, who only have wonderful things to say about her.
– Amy Buzaglo
I highly recommend Heather Forgione’s services. My family had a wonderful experience working with her over the past year. Heather started tutoring my son, Hank, in the summer of 2009. From our initial phone conversation, I knew that Heather was not like other tutors that I have encountered. I was inexperienced when it came to college prep and SAT tutoring. Heather was able to answer all my questions and had the patience, along with the appropriate resources, to make sure I understood the process. She conducted evaluations, set goals, and followed through with every detail of how to increase my son’s scores. Hank found Heather to be engaging and appreciated her approach. He described her as intelligent and interesting. He valued her tips and tricks, and voraciously attacked the practice tests so he may be prepared for their sessions, which he always looked forward to. End result, Hank’s scores increased by 300 points, beyond his goals, to reach a score of 2200 on the SATs.

We couldn’t have done it without Heather; her professional and friendly style was invaluable to our first step in the college process.
– Dena Blauschild

Heather has a unique ability to engage a student in preparing for the SAT and ACT. My daughter actually looked forward to the work sessions. Heather was fun to work with and also extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Her methods were very time effective. This is so important for a busy junior in high school. Results were evident as the scores rose in practice exams and really paid off on the day of the real exam. In addition to SAT prep, Heather was very helpful on preparing our daughter for the college essay question. In one session she helped our daughter brainstorm topics and narrow the options to one. She can make suggestions and have a teenager actually listen. She speaks their language and most importantly “she is not mom or dad”. After preparing three children for college admissions, I can attest that Heather was the best coach we ever had.
– Ann Chaintreuil
Heather Forgione tutored my son Marc for 5 months in the ’09-’10 school year. She is the first tutor Marc has ever looked forward to seeing and we have had many tutors over the years. Heather’s personality made him want to learn and also made him enjoy the lessons. He felt very comfortable with her and enjoyed talking with her. Marc’s scores on his SAT went up quite a bit after his lessons. Marc went from a 1420 for all three sections (Reading 460, Math 560,Writing 400) on his PSAT to a 1750 (Reading 530, Math 690, Writing 530) on all three. I think what Heather really got him to do was to know how to take the exam and she gave him confidence to know he could do well. We were very sad to see Heather move, but we know she will do well where ever she is. If you are looking for a tutor I would highly recommend Heather as she was great for my son.
– Linda Lipnicki