SAT Prep & Test Prep

Forgione Tutoring offers SAT prep and other top-quality test prep services in Raleigh and Cary. We specialize in private (1-on-1) or semi-private (2-on-1) SAT, ACT, and SSAT prep. We have experience working with students of all ability levels, as well as students with learning disabilities, test anxiety, and low academic self-confidence. Although raising students’ test scores is our primary goal, we believe that the boost of confidence, competence, and motivation are important by-products of our work.

We have two programs to meet your child’s needs: our Comprehensive Program or Subject Area Focus.

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Comprehensive Program: all test subjects are covered each week and typically requires 2 hours/week of tutoring. Sessions can be broken up into two separate hour-long lessons or combined into one 2-hr lesson. Comprehensive tutoring should be booked at least 3-4 months in advance of the test date and is subject to availability.

The full program requires 15-20 weeks, depending on the student’s goal scores. Many students stretch out these hours throughout a 3 – 9 month period, often taking multiple test administrations.

  • Comprehensive ACT (4 subjects): average of 30 hours total
  • Comprehensive SAT (3 subjects): average of 24 hours total
  • Covers 3 test subjects for SAT (Reading, Writing, and Math) or 4 subjects for ACT (English, Math, Reading, and Science)
  • Recommended schedule: 2 hours per week
  • Best availability to begin the comprehensive program: mid-June or mid-October

Subject Area Focus: Some students prefer to concentrate on 1 or 2 test subjects at a time to keep the work load and time commitment manageable.  The Subject Area Focus is a great option for busy students or for those who prefer to focus only on certain test subjects.

  • 1 test subject: 6-10 hours total and 1 hour per week
  • 2 test subjects: 12-20 hours total and 1.5 – 2 hours per week

These are estimates. We can better quote a recommended number of tutoring hours after analyzing the student’s scores (PSAT, Pre-ACT, PLAN or a diagnostic administered with us) and find out the student’s goal scores.

Flexible Scheduling

Contact us to find out what openings are available at either of our two Triangle locations. Our tutors are typically available from 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm on weekdays and 9 am – 6 pm on weekends; however during busy seasons availability is often limited and you are encouraged to book early. Each tutor has his or her own unique schedule, so let us know if you have a tutor request.

Sessions are scheduled on the same day, time, and location each week. We do our best to schedule make-up sessions when students need to reschedule.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer in-house diagnostic testing for students who have not taken a PSAT or Pre-ACT recently. Diagnostic testing is included in the cost of tutoring for in-coming students and $40 per administration for students who are not tutoring with us.

Mock Testing

Mock tests are offered on Sunday mornings in our Raleigh location by request. Mock tests are included in the cost of tutoring and are strongly recommended.


Our students learn a variety of critical-thinking and active reading strategies to enhance their engagement in the reading process. By using direct instruction, we demonstrate to students how to apply reading strategies, why and when each strategy is useful, and how to modify reading strategies to fit different passage types. Through extensive guided practice and explicit feedback from the tutor, students become more active and strategic readers, helping them feel in control on test day. Naturally, we integrate fundamental test-taking and pacing strategies necessary to improving; however, our instruction goes beyond basic test-taking techniques, especially for those who would like significant gains.

  • SAT reading requires an average of 8 hours of strategy lessons, plus 2-4 hours for further practice with timed practice tests.
  • ACT reading can sometimes be accomplished in a minimum of 6 hours, with further pacing practice often needed.
  • Lesson duration is 1-1.5 hours per week.
  • Homework will average 1-1.5 hours per week per subject.
  • Our tutors customize lessons based on the number of hours the student has available and his or her score goals.
  • For students scoring at/over a 600: we can abbreviate and accelerate lessons to target a student’s areas for improvement.
  • Practice homework tests are real, previously-administered tests
  • Mock tests are included for no additional charge and an unlimited number can be scheduled prior to the real test (mock tests are offered on Sundays only).

Our students learn a variety of test-taking strategies that make the math questions less tedious, time-consuming, and intimidating. We aim to uncover and close gaps in a student’s learning through a review of targeted math concepts. Students often need a content review in order to make full use of the strategies. Therefore, we do our best to remediate weaknesses whenever time permits. We also help students better recognize question types and different difficulty levels, so they can pace themselves appropriately. We get to know each student’s strengths so these can be used as an advantage and a source of confidence. As with all our instruction, we bring a “can-do-it” attitude to the math, while making math learning fun and dynamic.

Our program offers:

  • strategy instruction integrated with concept review each step of the way
  • use of real, previously-administered tests for HW and mock exams
  • our in-house strategy guide that covers the math concepts encountered on the test and math formulas required to memorize
  • multiple approaches so students can be flexible in their approach
  • an emphasis on teaching logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to help students narrow down answer choices and make educated guesses
SAT Writing & ACT English

The SAT Writing and ACT English are both multiple-choice sections, and a student’s performance on these sections factors significantly into the composite score. Because grammar instruction is not consistently taught in our schools today, we review the most commonly-tested grammar rules and how these can be recognized on the test. We do this with our in-house “Grammar Guide.”ACT English can often require more prep time than the SAT Writing section.

For those students already scoring above a 570-600, we accelerate the process by determining which specific grammar concepts they need practice with.



  • $60/hour for sessions with Staff in our Raleigh or Cary Office
  • $65/hour for sessions with Staff off-site (your home, local school, library)
  • $70/hour for sessions with Heather with pre-paid, 20-hr package
  • $80/hour for sessions with Heather (pay-as-go)


Semi-private sessions are usually pre-arranged by families themselves. If your student has friends, siblings, cousins, or classmates he or she would like to tutor with, we will do our best to find a time slot and instructor that accommodates the students’ schedules. Semi-private lessons work best when the students have similar pre-test scores, similar needs, and similar goals.

  • $40/hour per student for 2-on-1 in our Raleigh or Cary office

There are no contracts or set number of hours required to purchase in advance, but we suggest you follow our recommendations.

We accept check, cash, or credit card payments. A 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card payments.